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Capability > PCBA Capabilities

PCBA Capabilities

Item Manufacture Capability
Turn Times 1-5 days, 1-2 weeks, or scheduled deliveries
Quantity Prototype quantity, 2/5/10/15/20/25/30/50/100pcs
Small to medium quantity, 2-5000pcs
Assembly Type Surface Mount
Through Hole
Service Options Lead-free/RoHS compliant
IPC Class III inspection
2-sided SMT
PCB Specification Surface Mount
Through Hole
PCB Specification PCB size smaller than 30mm must be panelized, max 500×450mm
Material: Rigid, Metal core
Surface Finish: lead/lead-free HASL, ENIG, silver, OSP
Parts Procurement Full Turnkey
Partial Turnkey
Components Types SMT 0201 or larger
BGA .5mm pitch
BGA X-ray inspected
Cable & wire
Conformal Coating
SMT Parts Presentation Bulk
Cut Tape
Partial Reel
Solder Types Lead-free/RoHS compliant
Stencils Laser-cut stainless steel
Miscellaneous IC Programming


PCB Assembly


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