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    Full Range Electronics Manufacutring Services

    15+ years experience specialize in providing companies
    of all sizes with full-range and high-quality PCB fabrication, PCB assembly and components services.

      PCB Manufacturing

      $ 2/5pcs+Size:100x100mm

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      • Layers: 1-8 Material: FR4
      • Quantity: 5-1000 pcs
      • Quality Grade: Standard IPC2
      • Lead time: 2-7 days

      No hidden or extra cost

      PCB Assembly Service

      $ 15/10pcs

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      • Capability: SMT, BGA,Double-side
      • Quantity: 5-1000 pcs
      • Quality Grade: IPC3
      • Lead time: as short as 2 days

      No hidden or extra cost


      300,000 +parts

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      • 500+ Brands to choose
      • Strict supply chain management
      • Competitive prices
      • Stock own parts library

      Order together with PCB or assembly service

      One-click upload BOM file to match price information of all the component you want

      Rich inventory

      Why Choose Eecart

      Competitive Price
      Quality assurance
      High Efficient
      After-sale service
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