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PCB File test

Eecart cherishes and admires your creating ideas expressed in your PCB design file and we won’t modify your design file without your permission. To smoothly start your manufacturing, we’ll provide you some tips on your PCB file requirement in this article so that some unnecessary misunderstanding can be avoided at our first contact.

Tip#1: File format
Preferred file format is either Gerber 274X or ODB++.

Tip#2: File conversion tip
If you provide with CAD (Computer-Aided Design) generated by PCB design software, we will convert it into Gerber 274X and call for your confirmation by sending it to you, which means that some more time has to be spent. That’s the reason for the advent of Tip#1. As far as Protel or Eagle software is used, we need to know its specific version so as to convert with the version you depend on. After all, some distinctions may be caused during the process of conversion and some potential errors will perhaps stop your design from going in the right way.

Tip#3: Single-sided board file requirement
Before getting your single-sided PCB design file sent, you have to carefully preview your PCB file and it should be viewed as looking from Top/Component layer side. If plated through hole is applied, it will be regarded as a double-sided board.

Tip#4: Panelized board file requirement
If your board is required to be shipped in panelized type, “board size” that needs to be filled during order submission should be the size of panelized board instead of single unit size. FirstPCB provides FREE panelization design service to customers having difficulty in panelization design and our panelization design rules are determined totally based on optimal balance between cost and manufacturing convenience and manufacturing equipment parameter requirement. You’re welcome to contact us before order for panelization suggestions.

Tip#5: Double check before sending file that NC drill file is included
Before sending your file to us, you should double check it to ensure that NC drill file is included since it is closely related with position and situation of vias and through holes.

Tip#6: Make sure your pick and place file is included in your file package
Pick and place file clearly indicates positions of components to be assembled on board surface. As a result, it plays an essential role in SMT (surface mount technology) assembly by telling equipment where exactly to arrange components.

PCB file is the only tool that lets your ideas speak, so any effort spent on it to make it more easily understood by others is worthwhile. Sufficient time spent in advance before PCB fabrication and PCB assembly manufacturing will be able to simplify later manufacturing process and eliminate some potential issues that’ll possibly take place during manufacturing process.

Want to know whether your PCB design file is compatible with manufacturing requirement or not, just upload your PCB design file to us and our engineers will inform you at top speed.


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