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Free PCBA Coupon

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Recently, we as eecart invested $10,000 for the supports from our customers. The money is mainly used to subsidize the customer’s assembly costs. The rules are as follows

1. Single PCB assembly purchase, Up to $100 US dollars coupon on Assembly Amount

2. Only available for the first PCB assembly order

3. Paypal is used for final checkout

The Activity is available until the end of 2021.

How our Free First PCBA coupon works. We use an examples to explain

Our PCB assembly quotation=PCB Cost+Components Cost+Assembly Cost

Customer =20$(PCB Cost)+100$(Components Cost)+50$(Assembly Cost)=170$

The assembly cost for customer A is 50 that is <100$ coupon

Apply our Free PCBA coupon (up to 100 dollars coupon)

so the final Assembly Cost =170$-50$=120$

Any question with our Promotion rules Please leave a comment to our email

[email protected]

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(eecart reserves the final right to explain the terms of the promotion)
The Promotion is Sponsored by Paypal only Paypal pament is available


PCB Assembly


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