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Capability > Files Requested for PCB Assmebly

Files Requested for PCB Assmebly

For PCB assembly order, we need basic files like Gerber, BOM and CPL file.

You may send the files through two methods,1.Sending through our website automatically 2. Sending to our sales representative email [email protected]

We strongly recommend you to send by the first one that will be easy for to proceed. If your BOM is rejected or other errors occurring please contact our sales by email or send your message by social media.

BOM (Bill Of Materials)

Firstly,BOM is the abbreviation of Bill Of Materials that is a list of parts.We need to know the basic information of the components required in Assembly section.We accept the BOM with format like .xls,xlsx or .csv. If your BOM is not compatiblewith eecart,please contact our sales.

Below is the example of a standard BOM file


Download eecart standard BOM

As mentioned above,the basic information about components include MPN(Manufacturer Part Number) Manufacturers Description Quantity and Designator.

MPN is the Manufacturer Part Number,Not Digikey or Mouser Part number

If you have more requests or question please leave your note when you are uploading your file on eecart.

Gerber Files

We need the same Gerber file as you order PCB fabrication.

The Gerber file need at least three layers:Silkscreen,Copper and Solder Paste.

Our staffs at eecart will check the accuracy of information, DFM(design fro manufacture) before the assembly.

CPL File

CPL file is a necessary document we need for programming the assembly machines.

It is also called PNP(Pick And Place),XY Data or Centroid.

It describes the position and orientation of all the surface mount parts, which includes the reference designators, X and Y position, rotation and side of Board.

Usually most of PCB design software like AltiumKicad or Cadence,they will create the CPL File automatically,anyway there are still some software that do not support this function.

How to Generate the CPL File in different PCB design softwares click to read

For more accurate assembly process,please send us more documents that are related to PCBA such as special assembly requirement,assembly drawing etc.

This will help us have a better understanding about your projects and will lower defect rate significantly.

So have some boards to assemble? Please send your files to us ASAP



PCB Assembly


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