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Passive & Active Component

When we are browning components websites like Digikey Mouser or eecart, we will find some components under the category called passive components. So what is the passive component why it is called passive? If there are passive components there must be some active components,right? What are the differences between active components and passive components?

Below is the answer.

Active Components
The components need outside energy to operate.
For Example Diode, Transistors, SCR ,etc…
Explanation and Example: As we know that Diode is an Active Components. So it is required an External Source for its operation.
The diode only works and lights when it is connected with electricity meanwhile it also has a requirement with the voltage. Only does it work when it reaches a certain point like 0.3v or 0.7V etc.

Active Components vs Passive

Passive Components
The components do not need outside energy to operate.
For Example Resistor, Capacitor, Inductor ,etc…
Explanation and Example: Passive Components could work without external energy.
Such as Diode,it could start to work automatically once it is connected to the circuit with no requirement of reaching a level like 0.3V or 0.7V.

    Active Components
Passive Components
Diodes,Transistors,ICS etc
Resistor,Capacitor,Inductor etc
Need Outside Energy to Work
Function of Components
Produce Energy in Form of Voltage or Current
Store Energy in Form of Voltage or Current

As a conclusion

Active Components: Energy Donor
Passive Components: Energy Receiver 


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