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Capability > Prototype PCB Capability

Prototype PCB Capability

Item Manufacture Capability
Layers 1-8
Material FR-4
Board Thickness .016”- 0.1”(0.4mm-2.5mm)
Copper Thickness 0.5 oz-2oz(18um-70um)
Board size 500x500mm
Min Tracing/Spacing 0.127mm (5mil)
Min Annular Ring 0.15mm(6mil)
Min drilling Hole diameter 0.25mm(10mil)
Min width of cutout (NPTH) 0.8mm
Min width of slot hole (PTH) 0.6mm
Solder Mask LPI,different colors(Green,Black,White,Red,Yellow,Blue)
Silkscreen color White,Black
Surface finish HASL,Lead Free HASL,ENIG (1-5 micro inches)
Max.thickness of Au in ENIG 3-5 micro inches
Surface/Hole plating thickness 20-30um
Board thickness tolerance +/-0.1mm ~ +/-10% of thickness of board
Board size tolerance +/-0.1mm~+/-0.3mm
PTH hole size tolerance +/-.003”(+/-0.08mm)~+/-.006”(+/-0.15mm)
NPTH hole size tolerance +/-.002”(+/-0.05mm)
Copper thickness tolerance 0um ~ +20um
SM tolerance(LPI) .003”(0.075mm)
SMD Pitch 0.2mm(8mil)
BGA Pitch 0.25mm(10mil)
Aspect Ratio 1:8 (hole size:board thickness)
Test 10V-250V,flying probe or testing fixture


PCB Assembly


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