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Our Holiday Schedule

2021 Holiday Schedule:

New Year’s Day:                Jan. 1st, 2021
Spring Festival:                  Feb. 11th, 2021 – Feb. 17th, 2021
Tomb-Sweeping Day:         Apr. 3rd, 2021 – Apr. 5th, 2021
Labor Day:                         May. 1st, 2021 – May 3th, 2021
Dragon Board Festival:        Jun. 12th, 2021 – Jun. 14th, 2021
Mid-Autumn:                      Sep. 21st, 2021

National Day:                     Oct. 1st, 2021 – Oct. 7th, 2021

Production may be in pending several days before holiday, so delay may exceed the holidays.

Please contact us if you have any urgent order!

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