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As a China-based PCB (Printed Circuit Board) manufacturer and PCB assembler, eecart has been striving to scatter advantages of China’s manufacturing to engineers and electronics hobbyists around the world. As a result, our customers are located around the globe and our manufactured products reach them through shipping. We’ve prepared different shipping methods:

1. International Express: DHL, FEDEX, UPS, TNT. 2-3 Days, our prices are with discount for large volume shipping

2. International Mail Express: for less than 2KGs and to some European countries and North America only. Normally 8-10 days, with very low rate

3. China domestic express: SF Express. 1-2 days in China

Apart from the above shipping methods, you could also ship by Freight Collect as long as you let us know the shipping company and shipping account.

For PCB orders,our online system could calculate the weight and generate the shipping cost once you submit PCB orders online.

However for orders like PCB assembly those usually carry lots of components,we need to calculate the final shipping cost after

the assembly  is totally completed.Then we will notice you the final price by email.

How to Order

Please visit eecart on the desktop or PC end for electronic components and orders.