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How to Order > Assembled Board Order Process

Assembled Board Order Process

Assembled board could be one-stop ordered online:

1.    Create BOM

2.    Add PCB. PCB could be added from PCB quote or from history saved PCB. If PCBs are not with complete prices, BOM will be submitted for quote.

3.    Add components to BOM.

    * If components could not be searched, try the parametric search, through part category and its attributes to choose the available components.

    * If you still could not get available parts, submit new part number to us. We will notify you when it was confirmed and added to online database, then you could add to BOM.

    * If components are without prices, the BOM will be as RFQ and we will offer in a few days then you could order BOM.

4.    Set up the assembly information, like Quantity, Lead time etc. As to Special Requirement, the online prices do not include special process cost and we will manually check final total cost.

5.    Upload the necessary files for assembly, like PCB design CAD file, Centroid file, Gerber file, Assembly drawing or other technical files related to assembly requirement.

6.    With all parts and assembly cost fully listed, BOM will be marked as “Ready” and “Add to Cart” button will be available to order BOM directly.



1.    For assembled board, board size should be at 40x40mm and with at least 3mm margin at two parallel sides , or it must be panelized.

2.    If parts are with polarity or Do not assemble, please mark in BOM file and send us file attachment.

3.    For customer supplied part, please with components label on package. Also with proper amount of extra parts: 5% for SMD parts, ICs, BGAs with 1 or 2 per item.

4.    If possible, please send us file, drawing or video if you had any special instructions for special assembly process.

How to Order

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